Monday, November 11, 2013

Crazy Week

Monday, November 11, 2013

So, to be honest this week was crazy. It started way fun when we all went to the Philippines Military Academy (PMA) where we took some way cool pictures. [See below.] They had some really fun tanks and stuff from World War II and from the Korean War. The Korean flag was a on the memorial for the Korean War. It was way cool to see all the stuff. We didn't do much just took pictures and walked around. It was a blast.

[What was the best teaching experience from this this past week?] To be honest, our best one was last Monday night when we taught a less active who to be honest the only reason they are less active is because they can't get work off on Sunday.

But after that this week took a bit of a nose dive. My companion and I were out finding and we got punted about 4 times. We have been having pretty bad luck and just have not been able to work. After a while we both got frustrated and we took it out on each other... On Thursday we had weekly planning and at the end of that we had our companionship inventory… We are back on good terms with one another and are ready to work again.

Brian's Location in Comparison to the Pathway of Typhoon Haiyan
I know that everyone heard about the super typhoon but I would like to just let you all know that I'm safe and fine. We got hit with a little rain and some wind, about 15 miles an hour. There was no damage in our area. We did lose electricity for a while but that was about it. There weren’t really any problems here other than the fact that we lost power for a little while. It didn't even prevent us from working... We worked really hard but we heard a lot about how it affected the lower islands. I feel really bad because I can't do anything to help, but I am very grateful that nothing happened here in Baguio.

[Note: Not only is Brian north of Manila, but Baguio is also in the mountains. We believe it is because of the mountains that he hardly had any wind or rain.]

[What different cultural experience did you have this past week?] Well, I heard that Sam [Clark, Brian’s cousin] thought he saw a lot of dogs in Arizona. But I'm here to tell him he has no idea what a lot of dogs are until he comes to the Philippines... there are sooooooooo many dogs. Haha that was just something I noticed. It's fun.

I love you all. I keep you in my prayers. Mahal Kita

Elder Christensen

Pictures are from the Philippines Military Academy

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