Brian's Addresses

Brian has two different addresses.

Use the mission home address if you want to send Brian a package. Also, if you would like to send him a letter or car to him, use this address.

Mission Home
Elder Brian Ross Christensen
Philippines Baguio Mission
LDS Chapel National Highway
Brgy. Lingsat, San Fernando City
2500 La Union Philippines

Dear Elder (for FREE :D )
Because Brian gets mail by pouch, you can send a letter to him through for free. Use the following process:

* Click on this link: Dear Elder
* Click on pouch (free), then select Philippines Baguio Mission.
* Click on Write a missionary
* Enter your return address and enter Elder Brian Ross Christensen.
* Write your letter and then click send letter.

If you just want to send Brian a letter, you can use the pouch. Send the letter to this address:

Elder Brian Ross Christensen
Philippines Baguio Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

Pouch has specific instructions. They do not accept envelopes. You can send a postcard using pouch. If you want to send a letter, use the following process:

1. Write a letter on one side of a sheet of paper.
2. Fold the letter into thirds, with the contents on the inside.
3. Tape the letter shut using only two pieces of tape along the top. Do not tape the sides shut.
4. Address the letter on the outside and send it to the above address using a regular stamp.

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