Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Five Hours in LAX

Brian left the MTC, yesterday, Monday, September 9. He had a five-hour layover in the Los Angeles Airport. He was able to call home. Following are some notes from his conversation that were taken by Michelle.

Brian and Missionaries He Flew Out With
Although Brian’s district and zone left early in the morning, Brian didn’t leave until about 2:00 PM. He did not travel alone, however. There were four other sisters and three other elders traveling with him. One of the sisters was heading to Australia. All of the other missionaries were going to Brian’s mission.

Brian’s flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was supposed to have 15 hours of airtime. He wanted to stay awake until it was time to go to sleep in the Philippines so that he could start adjusting to the time zone change. Brian filled all three suitcases. One big suitcase weighed 48 pounds and the other big one weighed 47 pounds. His carry-on bag weighed 15 pounds. Brian was able to pack most of the food from the package we sent him on Friday.

As a Zone Leader, Brian didn’t have many responsibilities. Mostly it was to lead by example. He did get the chance to show the new missionaries assigned to his district around the MTC when they arrived. Although he and his companion wanted to help with the meet and greet experience for incoming new missionaries on Wednesday, they never got the chance.

One Tuesday shortly before he left, they were privileged to have Elder Neil Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles come and speak to the entire MTC. The meeting was held in the Marriott Center at BYU and broadcast to all the MTCs in the world. After the devotional, they couldn’t return to the MTC buildings because of a huge lightning storm. They waited and waited until it stopped and they could walk back to their buildings. However, when they left, the rain had not stopped, but was still pouring down. They all got soaked walking back to the MTC.

Brian’s favorite experience in the MTC was when Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke at a devotional early in his mission. Elder Scott talked about his wife who had passed away. At that time, Brian had a special spiritual experience that gave him a lot of hope and peace and love.

While he was in the MTC, he saw his cousin, Sam Clark several times. The last week before he left, he and Sam were able to have lunch together. They both enjoyed this. Sam is now serving in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission while he waits for his VISA to come so he can go to Brazil. It’s a small world. Scottsdale is the same place where another cousin, Linda Hogensen, just barely went to.

Brian and Elder Giblette
He loved going to the temple. He went each Saturday after it re-opened. It was closed the first two weeks he was in the MTC.

Brian feels like he learned a lot in the MTC, and not just Tagalog. He learned about spiritual things, how to set goals, and how to be a missionary. As he leaves the MTC, his goal is not to convert anyone in the Philippines. His goal is to become an instrument in God’s hands so that the Holy Ghost can convert people. Brian loved the MTC but is ready to get to the Philippines and begin doing the work.

Brian: “Ahhhhhhh! I’m just so excited!”

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