Monday, February 10, 2014

Here We Go Again

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Everyone,

So I'm not going to lie. The weeks are starting to blur together, and I'm not sure how that keeps happening. It feels like I was just writing last week’s email. :P Well down to what actually happened. So Monday I just finished email and that's about all the excitement. I mean we cleaned the apartment but I don't think that's very exciting.

Countryside in Agoo Area
Tuesday was really good in the morning. We went all the way into the very back of one of the places in our area. It more farms and stuff but we found a really interested investigator. The only down side was the Elder Gison got a migraine and we couldn't work the rest of the day. So I just studied for most of the day.

Wednesday was really cool. We had interviews with President Balledos and workshops with the AP's and ZL's. It was really fun to see everyone together. Later that night we went on exchanges with Elder Sison one of the AP's. He was so cool. I learned so much from just watching him work. He would talk to anyone and everyone and just find little ways to serve them. We also taught some new investigators and the lesson was very powerful. I loved learning from his example.

On Thursday we went to Fernando with some of the members from our ward, Sister Riza and Sister Marie Peralta. We met with Brother Juan and we taught a great lesson with one our less actives there. The only down side is she knows Ilocano better than Tagalog so we have to have the members translate for us. It was good but it's always a little hard when you don't understand what is being said to you. haha

Friday was really cool too. We went Bail which is another one of those far areas. But it was really cool because we found this compound of houses that was in the middle of nowhere and we gave out tons of pamphlets and got a ton of names form people. It’s going to be fun going back there this next week.

On Saturday we had a baptism that no one told me about. It was interesting to wake up and find out that your companion was going to baptize someone’s kid that day. haha But it was a really nice service. Sister Riza's son, Christian was baptized as well as Brother Juan's son and another little girl in the ward. It took a long time, but I've found that everything in the Philippines takes a lot longer because no one pays attention to what time it is. hahaha

Sunday was nice too because we didn't have a plan but we managed to visit a less active and commit him to go to church. And we had 2 other really good lessons that night. We taught the family we found on Wednesday again, and it was just as powerful as the last lesson. It was very sweet.

Well love you all and hope the best for all of you. I am grateful for all of the prayers they truly mean a lot. I feel the support every time I wake up in the morning. Mahal Kita. alam ko po na totoo ang simbahan ito. alam ko yan. :)

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

Tricycle Taxies
* What differences have you noticed between Baguio and Agoo?
It's like a whole different world down here. There are no taxis but there are trikes and we take those all the time. Also everyone here knows very little to no English but everyone in Baguio does. It's hotter. :P and it's a new area so that's new to. haha.

* What do you like better about Agoo?
I like the members here. Not better. I just like working with them because they can work with us more here.

* How are you adjusting to the increased heat and humidity?
I'm doing fine as far as that goes I haven't really noticed to be honest.

* About how many people there speak Ilocano?
basit lang haha To be honest, I'm still focused on getting Tagalog down and most people here can speak both. They just prefer Ilocano so we can still teach in Tagalog.

* Can you understand any Ilocano?
To be honest I have a hard time telling if they are speaking Tagalog and I don't understand it or if it's Ilocano. But if I don't understand anything, it's usually Ilocano.

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