Monday, April 21, 2014


Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear everyone,

So there's this interesting thing that seems to happen when you are one a mission. Time starts to blur together and it doesn't feel like you have been in the mission as long as you have and then you realize you are further than you thought you were... well that's about what's happening to me right now. haha Anyway this past week has been pretty good. We have bikes now and they are so nice. We don't have pay a trike driver every time we want to go somewhere we just grab the bikes. :)

So on Tuesday we taught a lesson to our IBD (Investigator with a Baptismal Date) and she was great. It can be hard sometimes because we have to have a male fellowshipper with us when we teach her because her husband doesn't like to listen to us. It's still a good situation because her daughter is a recent convert and is a great support for her mother. Anyway when we taught her the spirit was very strong and I know she felt the spirit to. :)

Wednesday was long and hard. We had 14 people we were going to find that day to try and teach and we found all of them but we didn't teach a single one... They were all busy with holy week [see below for more info] so they didn't want to listen to us. It was sad but we learn from the hard times to grow and keep going.

Thursday was a pretty good day. We went back to some of the other investigators from the day before and this time they had some time for us. We had some good lessons and committed them to come to church. :) But nothing super special happened.

Friday we had a half day mission where a bunch of the word members came and we all split up and taught a ton of our investigators and less actives. We taught our IBD again and her aunt later on. They were both pretty good lessons but what was really nice was having the support from the ward. That night there was a prepossession where all the Catholics (meaning everyone and their dog here) marched behind a bunch of statues depicting the events leading to Christ’s death. I didn't like it very much but all the people there seemed to.

Saturday was just normal except for the fact that I had to fix my companion’s bike because he got a flat the day before. As it turns out we need to get a new tube because now there's another hole and I patched up 3. I don't even know how he did that but he had 3 holes in his tire. But it's all good. We will get it taken care of today. We also gave a blessing to the Elders’ quorum president in our branch. He has been having some problems with his sight. We gave him a blessing and he seemed to be doing alright after that. But that's about all that happened.

Sunday was nice because Sunday is always nice but I really liked it because it was Easter and I got to think of the Savior a lot. It was kinda funny though because in sacrament meeting there was a little boy who wouldn't stop playing with my stuff. haha We managed to keep him quite for sacrament but he also managed to break all of my pens. :P He's really curious about everything but it all works out. Well that's all for now hope you liked it... and stuff. :P

mahal na mahal kita palagi. alam ko po na totoo ang simbahan ito. at kung hindi, hindi po ako dito sa pilipines.

Elder Christensen

Questions from a separate email

* What are the traditions and celebrations that the Filipinos have for Easter?
Well this whole week is "holy week" that means that they go crazy. No one has work or school for the week but they have huge festivals. There’s a catholic cathedral here in Agoo and they had a ton of people do a march with the priest and others in front holding the cross. To be honest it was really uncomfortable being there. They also in some places reenact the events leading to Christ death and I mean literally. They whip people and they have actuality crucified people. They would just take them down before they die... I was pretty disturbed when they told me that. They have church on Easter Sunday but I don't really know how that goes because we went to church too. Here it wasn't too bad just really hard to work with people because they are all doing holy week. As far as I know they didn't whip anyone this year...

* How does your bike fit you and work for you?
I love the bike. It’s big enough for me but the seat is a little low but it all works out. I actually have had to fix a flat already for my companion because he doesn't know how. haha. :P It was fun though I love fixing things.

* What spiritual experience did you have this week?
Well we have been teaching this investigator, Christie, whose daughter is a recent convert but is super strong in the faith. Every time we teach her she listens and understands it. We have been teaching her about the plan of salvation and she's been doing pretty good with that. We plan to baptize her on May 10th. We are hoping. :) It should be really good.

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