Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crazy Week

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Flowers  to Michelle for Mother's Day!
So first things first. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!! to all those mothers out there or soon to be mothers (Stephanie and Anna ;) ) This past week has been pretty great not going to lie. Tthe only down side is that I got sick yesterday and that's why I'm e-mailing today because I couldn't yesterday.

So last Monday we visited the Pamanelo family, again that's Alfredo and his friends. They are doing super well and understanding most of everything we are teaching them which is awesome. But that's about all we did on Monday.

Tuesday we visited the Boado family again. They are so sweet and love to listen to what we teach. They are truly searching for the truth. We are just trying to get them to act on that desire now so they can come to church and feel of the spirit that is at church.

Crossing a River to Get to an Appointment
On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Tubao elders. I went to their area and worked with Elder Caunca. We had a great time crossing the same river that I got my shoe wet in last time but I didn't get it wet this time. :) I learned from last time haha. We had really good day working in his area. We are trying to help them in their area because it's been struggling for a while now. But that's what we are here for to help each other bring about the work of salvation.

Thursday we finished "teaching" Christy. We taught her all the lessons now all we have to do is review a few things so that she is ready for her baptism and to endure to the end. :) She is such a great investigator and I have loved teaching her so much. We are going to baptize her this coming Saturday which will be awesome. :) I'm very excited to see how this all turns out.

Friday we had a crazy good day of just working. We went from one lesson to the next and just kept teaching. Our whole week was like that. we got a lot of members working with us and we had a lot of lessons because people were ready for us. It was just a great day. We also had a funny experience where we took this huge rock probably about 60 pounds and threw it in a well next to one of our less actives haha It was pretty funny.

Brian on His Bike
Saturday, we had an interview for Sister Christy so we didn't get a lot done work wise. But she passed and we are going to get her baptized for sure.. :D :D :D I'm super excited for that

Sunday we taught a man named Antonie. He is super cool and super receptive but he can only listen to us once a week because he works every other day. So we visited him and he had already read the pamphlet we gave him and he said that if he likes what we teach him he'll get baptized. I was pretty blown away at how ready he was to hear us.

Well that's this week for you. ingat po kayo at mahal na mahal kita!!!!!

Elder Christensen

From a Separate Email:

This past week I have been studying a little about baptism and our covenant we make when we are baptized. I read the sacrament prayers, and I love how simply it spells it out for us. When we are baptized we promise first to be to take upon us the name of the son (Jesus Christ), second always remember him, and third keep his commandments. In return we are promised the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. This means that we will to act as much like Christ as we can and follow his commandments. We will not be ashamed to be called by his name in the last day but stand confidently in the presence of God.

More Mother's Day Wishes

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