Monday, July 21, 2014


Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Brian and Some Local Children
This past week started really good. On Tuesday we had a zone training in Candon which was pretty fun. After that we had a great day of work. We taught a lot of lesson and just had a good time.

Wednesday we had a little bit of a harder day but we still managed to get some lessons taught.

Thursday we had a hard day. We couldn't seem to get any traction in the area and nothing was moving. That's kinda how I felt about that last few days.

Friday we had zone interviews with President Balledos. Mine was pretty short. He basically just told me to keep doing what I'm doing, which is exactly what I intend to do. :)

Saturday we got rained on pretty hard core. haha That morning we went to Casilagan which is pretty far out and we taught a great lesson that morning to a new family we found. After that we worked in Dili. It was really nice until that night after our last lesson it just started dumping rain all over us. I felt bad because we got soaked and then when we got on the bus home I had a ton of mud on my shoes. But they took us home and it all worked out.

Sunday was almost the same story. After church we went to work and it just dumped rain on us. We were given umbrellas but they didn't do much because the streets turned into rivers. It was almost to my knees at one point. It was pretty fun and this group of kids started following us around in the rain. It was pretty funny.

Well that’s all for this week. mahal kita.

Elder Christensen

Emails from a Separate Email

* What was a good teaching experience from this past week?
Well this past week we taught Dexter for a little bit. He is in his 20's and is a Seventh Day Adventist, which means he worships on Saturday not Sunday. He is very receptive but I just liked the lesson with him. It was about the Book of Mormon and why it's important to read.

* How are Ellen and Robert doing?
We actually haven't been able to go back to them this past week. We got held up by rain and other appointments. :(

* How have the Doctulero family been doing?
They are doing very well they were all at Church again this past week. :) They say they are back and back for good. :)

* Have you had any more contact with Edwin?
We talked to him one day and he said we could come back that day. Bbut when we came back he was gone. :( We had a bit of a hard week to be honest.

* When did you feel the Savior's love this week?
When I was out teaching. I feel his love for the people we teach. It's crazy how much he love's these people. I see that a lot.

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