Monday, September 29, 2014

Transfers to Naguilian

Edwin and Brian
Monday, September 29, 2014

Dear everyone,

This past week has been crazy but the past few days have been the most crazy. haha. So we last Tuesday we taught Edwin for the last time which was pretty crazy for me. I loved teaching him so much. He was so cool. But we had a great lesson and he committed to change his life around.

Wednesday we got the phone call saying I was being transferred. I took it pretty well. I felt like it was time. So I packed my things that night and off we went the next morning to San fernando. Transfers were great. It went pretty fast and now I'm in Naguilian. I love it here. My new companion is Elder Cabase. He is a Filipino from Cebu area. He is super awesome. He works hard and we are already like best friends. haha He's 22, and he's almost been out a year. The branch here is awesome too. They feed us almost every night. haha. But they work with us a lot to. It's so much fun.

Companion and Roommate
Brian, Elder Cabase, Elder Tupou
Friday we started working for real. We had a bit of a hard day because my companion doesn't actually know that much about the area because his companion before me didn't show him to much of it. It’s kinda a mess but it's ok because we are going to fix that. :) So we only managed to teach one lesson before we had to go to a missionary's farewell dinner/ family home evening. It was pretty fun.

Saturday we had a half day mission where all the members work with us for half the day. It was so awesome. We got to know our area better. It was a ton of fun. Then on Sunday we had 152 people at church which is a record for our branch. haha I just got here. :) I'm super excited to get to work here. After church we went to work and our branch mission leader came out and worked with us. This area is just starting to get moving. It's awesome. I have felt the guidance of the spirit almost every day. It’s so great.

Well I am very short on time so I will e mail you all next week. mahal kita.

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

Brian's Comp and Roommates; Elder Tucio in Front
* If you have a new companion, please tell all the details about him

I do have a new companion. Elder Cabase (CA-BA-SI). He's way cool I love working with him. My first few days here have been so awesome. He's from Cebu area but he still knows Tagalog. We are having a great time together. He’s been out he's almost been out for a year. he's 22 and supper fun to work with.

* What was a time when you felt the Savior's love this week?

When I got transferred. It just felt right and then on the way to my new area I just felt good about it all. I don't know I feel like this is going to be one of my favorite times in my mission and I've only just started it.

* What was a fun/unique experience for the week?

Well we have had some Family Home Evenings here and they have been super fun. The members here feed us almost every night... haha I'm a little worried that I'm going to get fat but then again I don't know that I could gain weight even if I wanted to. :P Oh but there was a Jehovah's witness that came up to us yesterday and told me about how I didn't know anything about religion and I should study the Bible more because I didn't answer his question about what's going to happen to us in the new world after this one. I just had to laugh at it because you could tell that he only knew what his pastor told him. I felt kinda bad for him but he wasn't willing to listen to us, just tell us we were wrong.

Doctulero Family from Candon Zone

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