Monday, November 17, 2014

And Another Week Down

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been ok lang. We had a hard time teaching. We would go to teach but sometimes they would be busy or more often we couldn't teach because we didn't have a fellowshipper. But it's all good. We are working hard and that's what's important.

So for Tuesday... I really did not like Tuesday. It was rude. We went to a lot of our appointments and we didn't teach a single lesson. I think those are the hardest days. When you try your best the whole day and no one wants to listen to you.

Wednesday was better. We had another district leader conference in San Fernando. It was really cool. There are a lot of changes happening in my mission right now but I really like them. We are adjusting the schedule so that we can all have more time to teach more people. But it was also nice to see all the friends in the mission at the conference.

Thursday was a sweet day. We found a new investigator named Karen-Joy. She's 17 and super smart, second year college. We are teaching her with her mom. (Her mom's a little more hard-headed then she is. haha) But the one thing that makes Karen different than all the other people I've taught is that she's blind. She's still a new investigator but I really hope she's progresses. She is super sweet. It was funny. She got some paper out and wrote our names in braille. It was super cool. I tried it and spelled something like this (C?Is'#k\N) when I was trying to spell Christensen. haha I can't even spell my own name.

Friday was also a good day. We had our 2nd counselor working with us and we had a ton of fun and a ton of lessons. haha Nothing super crazy happened but it was a really good day.

Saturday and Sunday we had a district conference in Bawang. I really enjoyed it. We didn't get a lot done work wise but the conference was really good. Oh and some other good news is that Brother Pepito hasn't smoked in like 2 days. It's been super cool to see his progress there. :) Super excited for him.

Well that's all for now. Mahal na mahal kita!!

Elder Christensen

Excerpt from Letter to Mission President

This past week I have spent a lot of time in the book of Mormon and the Bible. I read Hebrews 11. I especially liked the examples of faith given there. It really illustrated to me how much we can truly accomplish with our faith. It's a principle of action because when we do our part and our best the Lord truly shows his hand in our lives and our work. I hope to apply that to my work the next few weeks so I can go forward with faith. And by so doing do what’s best for my area and the people I teach every day.

Questions from a Separate Email

* What do you think about not being transferred?

To be honest I'm at the point in my mission where I really don't care as much about where I am or what position I have because the way I see it I'll be happy no matter where I am. That's a choice. But I'm happy to stay. Naguilian is hard but I love it here.

* What do you like about your companion?

He's really funny. We just get a long really well. To be honest I've had a hard time getting along with most of my companions because I always want to be perfectly obedient but they don't care... But Elder Cabase and I are doing great. We understand each other very well.

* What did you do for the mini MTC that was a week or so ago?

Well I just welcomed them and gave them their name tags. We had some workshops where they practiced teaching some of the lessons we teach as missionaries. And they had a demo for laundry and things like that. It was pretty fun and the kids liked it a lot.

* A couple weeks ago you mentioned you were fasting for your area? What kind of miracles and changes have you seen since your fast?

Well today we just got news that brother Pepito hasn't smoked for 2 days. That’s a miracle if anything is. Every lesson we teach I feel the power of the spirit there. The only problem is we are having a hard time getting a lesson. But I know the Lord will provide.

* What coincidences (also known as small miracles) have you seen this past week?

Well we went finding this past week and I wanted to try this road that we hadn't been down yet. We went down and we took turns knocking the doors because neither one of us like doing that. We came to this one house and it was Elder Cabase's turn. He didn't want to go but I pushed him. Haha It was interesting because when we first walked up they didn't seem like they wanted to talk to us. But then the sister called for her daughter. Her daughter is 17 but she blind. Super sweet. She's also super smart. She's in her second year of college. haha. It was just sweet teaching them. Her name is Karen Joy. I want to get her a brail book of Mormon but I don't know if we can do that here. Could you look in to that for me? I'm trying here but we might need to custom order it from there. Just look it up for me please. Thank you.

* Next Sunday Dad is giving a talk in Church on salvation for the dead. What thoughts, experiences, doctrine, have you had or learned about this topic on your mission?

Read Alma 40. I just read it this morning I found it interesting how much Alma states that it's not important the order we come out of the grave but it is much more important that we remember that we all come out of the grave. good or bad we are all resurrected. Also the section in "Jesus the Christ" about Christ ministry in the spirit world is very cool. I would recommend that to.

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