Monday, November 10, 2014

Transfers! (Nothing Happened)

November 10, 2014

Dear everyone,

This past week we had transfers and. Elder Cabase and I are still companions and Elder Tupou and Elder Markantano are still in our house. haha We just keep going like nothing happened.

So to start on Tuesday we taught the Davera family again. It was a great lesson. I love teaching them.

Wednesday was our best day. We taught a lot of lessons and found some new investigators. It was a little interesting because we taught one of our investigators at his house but one of their family just died so we taught him in front of the casket. It was really strange. But it was still a pretty good lesson.

Thursday we taught Brother Pepito the word of wisdom and he told us he's been smoking. We set some goals with him and are working to get him to quit. It will be interesting.

Friday there was a mini-MTC for the youth in our ward. They had us come and be their hosts. It was a lot of fun and they all learned a lot. It was a lot of fun. Saturday we had had a day mission and Elder Cabase and I worked with our 2nd counselor in our area. It was a pretty good day even though we got punted a lot. haha It's all good though.

Sunday was good as always. We taught Brother Dilizo again though he was about the same as always. He is super hard right now. He just won't read the Book of Mormon or pray no matter what we do or say. :/ It's all good though. We will just keep trying. But that's about it for my week. Ayayaten Ka!!!

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

* What tiny miracles did you see this past week?

Well I was really thankful to see the branch go to all the funerals here. They do them differently here. They take the caskets and keep them in the house for about a week and have a ton of people come over to give condolences and then they have a service and parade them down the street with a ton of music. It's really prolonged and dragged out but that's what they do.

* Did you help with or attend any of the gatherings for the viewing or funeral?

We went to their house once and taught a lesson to one of our investigators who lives there. But to be honest we aren't supposed to go to the services. That's what President told us.

* What was your best teaching experience and why?

When we taught the Devera Family. They are super sweet and brother is really trying his best to understand. Also our District President is working with us for them. It's always a good lesson when we teach with him there. All in all it's going good.

* Last week you talked about listening to President Oaks. What was one of the things that he said that you liked and why?

He talked about how we all need to be willing to change. And that doesn't mean just want to but it requires action. Without our action nothing will ever happen and nothing will get better either.

* What was your favorite part in studying the scriptures this past week?

Well I read about Ammon. I always think of that song from Aspen Gove whenever I read about that story. "blood splatted and spluttered.. " You know that one haha. But I also really liked the story. Ammon served first and then found and opportunity to teach and it really worked for him.

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