Monday, December 8, 2014

Exchanges Gone Like Crazy

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been pretty good. To start last Tuesday we started teaching our landlord, Brother Manning. He’s a long time investigator who is married to our landlady. She’s an endowed member. He’s cool. He just can't give up smoking or drinking. Other than that he says he wants to be baptized. haha We will see how this goes. We are like the 5th set of missionaries to try and teach him.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Topou. It was a lot of fun. We got a lot of stuff done to. But that's just where the fun began. We had an FHE that night with the Pepito family. It was a lot of fun and a lot of food. Haha. But it got interesting the next day because Elder Topou went to Manila to get his fingerprints because he goes home after next transfer.

Thursday was pretty good we had to pick up elder Marcantano at 6 so Elder Topou could go to Manila. So more exchanges. haha. It was an ok night. But Friday morning Elder Marcantano got sick so we couldn't work. But I called President Balledos and he was awesome and gave us permission to go on splits with Arjay Pepito so we could still work. So I stayed at the house and Elder Cabase went out with Arjay in the morning. Then we switched for the afternoon. It was super wired just working with Arjay and not with my companion. haha.

Saturday was good in the morning. We went to Bato and taught 2 lessons. They were both very good. But the rest of the day was a little hard. We did a lot of walking. Sunday was good but I was a little sick, still am a little sick but that's ok. The only sad part was we met with brother Devera and he relapsed into smoking and drinking a lot. But I had a good talk with him and we should get started again on getting him back on track. But we will keep working with him.

Well that's all for now. mahal kita!

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

* Can you buy chocolate where you are? What about peanut butter?

Yes I can buy Chocolate and peanut butter here they are just super expensive, as far as pesoes go. haha So I don't really buy them. Also it's a limited selection. I can't get a Symphony [candy bar] to save my life here. :P

* Nikki wants to know if you want M&Ms?

I think the better question is when are you sending them? ;)

* We heard about a big typhoon again. How did the typhoon affect you?

We felt nothing. It didn't even rain here.

* What type Christmas preparations and decorations are you seeing in your area?

Lots of lights and lots of decorations. They also have a night market thing that they started in the street. It’s really fun. They blast Christmas music all over the place too. :P

* Tell us about a good teaching experience you had this week?

Well when we taught Sister Karen Joy again it was pretty good. I love teaching her because she is so smart. I mean she obviously can't read but she just straight up remembers everything we teach her, word for word. It’s super crazy. She is super sweet. The only trouble we are having is her mom won't listen to us and that makes things difficult for getting her to church.

* What was a time when you felt the Savior's love this week?

Well I've been sick the past few days but I've felt his support as well. I mean I've been sick but I'm still strong enough to keep working even though I’m sick. I count that as a blessing.

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