Monday, February 16, 2015

People Getting Baptized and Meet the Mormons

February 15, 2015

Hello World!!

So this week was pretty awesome. We started a little slow on Monday but it picked up the rest of the week. We had a lot to do.

Tuesday we had a zone training in Bawang instead of district meeting. It went really well and then we taught some great lesson. We started teaching a man named Jose Delizo. He is super smart but he's just like another one of our investigators that when we say something we need to know where to find it in the Bible to back ourselves up. But he's really fun to teach.

Wednesday was pretty normal. Just walking and then walking some more. :P oh I don't know if I told you this yet but my shoes now have holes in the bottom but I'm still going to use them until I physically can not. :P They are way good shoes, too. I'm surprised they have lasted this long because I've walked though floods with these shoes on. :D

Anyway enough about shoes. Thursday was another pretty normal day but we did give a priesthood blessing that night. We give a lot of those here, like two or three a week. But I like it because we help people. :)

Friday was awesome. We had a zone conference with President Balledos and he let us watch "Meet the Mormons." I loved it. It was very well done. I enjoyed the stories, and they said it was going to come to the Philippines this year sometime.

Baptism,Rovalyn, 8 Year Old Boy, Brian
 Saturday was a great day. It started with us getting the Church ready for a Baptism. I was a little surprised because I was asked to perform the baptism but I was happy to do so. We baptized one of the sisters’ investigators sister, Rovalyn, and then an 8 year old from a part member family. It was nice. But after the service we went out to work and taught a less active for the first time that night and it was one of the most powerful lessons I've had on my mission. There wasn't anything super special to say about it but the spirit was so strong. The guy was having a hard time and we just shared about faith and how we can't lose our faith when times get hard. It was sweet and then he came to church the next day. :)

Boy from Part-Member Family
Sunday was another good day but nothing super special happened. Oh wait we did give an IBD for brother Mark. He's super cool. I hope that goes well. But that's about it.

mahal kita!!

Elder Christensen

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