Monday, February 23, 2015

Work, Work, Work

February 23, 2015

Dear Everyone,

I think this week has been one of the most productive weeks I've had on my mission. We just had a ton of work done. So to start with a zone activity but I already told you about that. That same night we had an FHE. (That’s where the funny pic. of the two boy's came from) :P it was a good night.

Tuesday was when things got interesting. We started by teaching Brother Ernesto in the morning and then just continued to teach the whole day. Our landlady sister Flory worked with us for a lot of the day and it was awesome. She was a great fellowshipper for our investigators. All in all we just got a ton done.

More FHE Fun
Wednesday we just kept going and teaching but nothing super exciting happened. Thursday was big, too. That night we went and taught a lot of the people that live around us because our Sis. Flory invited them all over for a lesson. :D She is super involved right now in the work. It was a good lesson but we are trying to split them us so that we can focus on their individual needs rather than teach them as a big group. It was a fun lesson though.

Friday was pretty normal. We just kept going right along. And then on Saturday we had a full day mission at the branch. Most of the active members of the branch came to the church and went out to visit a lot of the less active members of the branch. It was a lot of good work done and they all had a good time. We also got some new investigators from it because the members were out talking to nonmembers, too haha. It was super cool. All in all we had a really good day that day.

Sunday was good but we were a little disappointed because we didn't get as many people to church as we wanted to but we will fix that for next week. :) Bbut all in all it was just a good week with a lot of work done.

Well that's all for now folks. :P Mahal Kita!!!

Elder Christensen

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