Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been sooooo busy. haha I kinda like it that way though because it makes it so I can't be trunky.

So to start the week on Monday night we went down to San Fernando because we had MLC [mission leader conference] the next day. So we couldn't really teach anyone that night. But it's all good, meetings are important.

Tuesday was a good day. We had MLC. We talked a lot about improvements to be made and so forth. We also have a mission tour this week. Elder Bowen is coming so we have to go back to San Fernando tomorrow afternoon for another meeting with him. :) It's going to be fun. :)

Wednesday we went back to work and had a great lesson with Dondon. He is doing really well with the lessons but he is just having a hard time getting to church. But he says there will come a day when he will go. That night we also had an FHE. But when we got there the aunt of the house was a little surprised because the kids who told us didn't tell her. :P But it ended up ok and we had a good time anyway.

Thursday was ok. We got punted a lot so we were a little sad but we still got some good work done.

Friday was interesting because we didn't have a lot of lessons but they were all super interesting. We taught one about the temple and family sealing but when we taught it they got stuck because they think that other churches can act for God as well. It's hard to accept that there can only be one authorized person on the earth to hold this priesthood key. They are struggling to accept that but I hope they can find the answer as they pray and read more about it.

Saturday was super busy. We were trying to get as much done as we could and it took a lot of work. We had to do an interview at 1:00 for a baptism and then we were trying to make all of our other appointments work around that. It was hard but a good day nonetheless. The other interesting thing was that there was a baptism in our ward at 3:00. So we had to work around that as well.

Sunday was another busy day because right after church I had to go to the Guisad Chapel because we had to practice for a musical number because of the coming zone tour this week. Don't ask me how I got picked to sing for that but I did... haha

Well that's about all for this week. Mahal kita!!!!

Elder Christensen

Part of Brian’s Letter to the Mission President

As for my Studies this past week I have been reading from Romans some more. I liked the verses 20 and 21 in chapter 9. Paul asks why we would we question God and his doings in our lives. He relates us to the potter’s clay. He states that the potter has power over the clay to make it into whatsoever thing he desires. We must then be humble ourselves because sometimes it is better for us to go through the refiners fire so that we can become what the Lord would have us be rather than what we, with our limited understanding, think we should to be.

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