Monday, December 16, 2013


Monday, December 16, 2103

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been one of the craziest, most stressful, and interesting weeks ever. The strange part is it didn't start that way. The beginning of this past week was pretty slow. Elder Manning and I found some new investigators (Allen, Junior, and Siblowa Family). They all seem pretty nice. The crazy thing about it is we found them in the craziest places. Siblowa was down this side street that actually turned out to be a big community. That happens a lot here in the Philippines. The other was way out on the outskirts of town it was crazy. Also on Wednesday we went exploring in Spring Hills, which is the farthest we can get but still be in our area. There are a lot of people back there, but there are no members. Hopefully we can change that. :P

Anyway so nothing really happened on Thursday because we just got punted all day long. It was crazy. But on Friday we had exchanges with the zone leaders, and I got to work with Elder Tanner again. Haha I love working with him. We get along so well. We had a crazy lesson with a math teacher who got a Book of Mormon about a week earlier and has already read the first 13 chapters. He is super interesting, and I wish the best for him. But he isn't in my area, so I'll never meet him again unless he comes to church. Anyway the other crazy thing about the exchanges is that the next day we had a baptism. yaaaaayyy. :)

So the crazy story about the Baptism. Sister Elizabeth was the one we had to be baptized. But, we had to quick throw it together because I've never put together a baptism before. But it worked out because our bishop is the coolest bishop on the planet. Just saying. He put together a multi-ward baptism for us on the spot with very little notice and got the stake president to come and everything. Anyway the only bad part about all of this is that Sister Elizabeth was 30 min late so we all had to wait... It was crazy. Well it all worked out in the end and we got her in to the font. I baptized her and everything worked out fine. It was a very sweet experience it was just relay crazy to. It was also very spiritual. Sister Elizabeth can't speak very loud but you don't have to hear her to understand that the spirit was working within her. It was an awesome experience.

Well that's all for now. I love you all. I know that this work is true and the Lord truly moves his work along no matter what I do. somehow we seem to make things work that really shouldn't have worked

Mahal Kita,

Elder Christensen

Questions from Separate Emails

* What was your favorite teaching experience this week?

Well we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and we taught this man who has had the Book of Momon for a week, and he is already in chapter 13. He was way prepared but the only concern is that he might just be doing it for intellectual purposes.

* How are things going with your new companion?

I love it. He's a little crazy but to be honest I think our roommates are the funnest part of the whole thing. Elder Falevai is hysterical and very talented at the Ukealayle... (I have no I idea how to spell that) but in our free time he's teaching me how to play. :P

* How do you wash and dry your laundry and how do you keep your shirts without wrinkles?

Well I wash my laundry in a bucket and scrub with my hands. :P To keep them from being wrinkly we just use an iron every morning. It works fine. I actually need to do that today. :P

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