Monday, December 2, 2013

Fun Stuff

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear Everyone,

So this week has been full of crazy stuff. To start on Monday Elder Dela Cruz had to go to San Fernando for his career workshop because he goes home tomorrow. :/ I love having him around he is one of the sweetest missionaries I've met so far. I love talking to him. [The workshop] is just like a "how to get a job and get married when you get off your mission" thing. It's really boring so I'm told, and it's for everyone who goes home. Anyway that was crazy because we had to go pick him up way late in the night, and it was super hard to get a taxi home. Haha

Well the next day I taught my first district meeting. It went well but it was a little crazy because afterward we had an extra P-day because Elder Dela Cruz didn't get one. :) Anyway that was Tuesday for me.

On Wednesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders, and Elder Tanner and I went in my area. It was way fun and we got a ton of stuff done. I love working with him because we just get along so well. I hope that we can be in the same zone for at least a little while longer. :) Anyway it was just a fun day. No crazy stories but defiantly some good times.

On Thursday Elder Jones went to San Fernando for train the trainers meeting because he is training next week. So Elder Dela cruz and I just worked in Kias witch was fine by me. We did some good stuff even though we got punted a ton. Haha We get punted a lot in Baguio, but it's all good because I've found that the work still moves along no matter what we do it just dose. It's amazing how that works. [For Thanksgiving] we worked because we couldn't get permission to do anything and they don't do anything here in the Philippines for that. But it was all good. I'm just slowly enjoying my package. :) I loved the potatoes and gravy.  :) [Michelle sent him all the dried/dehydrated fixins’ for a Thanksgiving dinner.]

Friday and Saturday were pretty normal we just worked and worked and worked. Nothing crazy exciting happened but I enjoyed it. Sunday was fast Sunday of course and we just worked though that as well.

But to top everything off today we had a zone activity which I was so happy we had. We had a sports day with our zone and La Trinidad zone and we all just played basketball and football and all kinds of crazy fun stuff. I loved exercising like that I haven't done it is so long. :)

[How is Tagalog coming?] Well to be honest I hit a pretty rough patch again but I'm coming out of it again. I'm starting to understand just about all the everyday conversations. The hard part is when they say a whole sentence in deep Tagalog. :P

[What was your favorite teaching experience this week?] Well when I went on exchanges with Elder Tanner this past week we taught 5 lessons and that was a pretty good day. But my favorite was when we taught Sister Virginia [in Brian's area]. She is the sweetest old lady. She is 74 years old and very interested. It's a little slower because she has a harder time understanding what we teach but she is progressing. She has arthritis in her leg and we are trying to find a way to get her to church but we are having some hard times with that. I really liked the lesson because the spirit was really there. I always love the lesson where I can feel the spirit working within me. :)

So I need to tell you about phone calls home. :))))))))))) Any way so I am allowed to call home two times between Dec. 9 and Dec. 28. I can have 90 min calling home. That can be 45 min each or one 90 min call or however you want to work those but it has to add up to no more than 90 min. I cannot Skype. :( I will just have to use our cell phone. I can't use my companionship cell phone I have to use another elder’s phone so I need to work that out ahead of time so it would be good to know by next week. :D

Well I'm all out of time. I love you all so much thank you for all that you do. :) I don't think I could put in to words just how grateful I am for all the things that you do for me.

Ingat po. Mahal po ko kayo!!!

Elder Christensen

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