Monday, January 6, 2014

Mahirap ang week ko Taliga. (My Week Was Really Hard)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Everyone,

So to start I'm just going to say this week was hard. I also want to say that this week looks much better. :) But all and all I'm just happy to be on a mission still even if it is hard. So the reason this week was so hard is because we literally did not teach a single lesson until Sunday. It was hard.

So on Monday we had tried to visit Sister Jenifer and Jericho. But they weren't home so we left. But we were concerned about them. The rest of the night was exactly the same. No one was home so we went home with nothing.

On Tuesday we had a fun new year’s party with a member family and ate one of the best dinners I've had here. We cooked some food and brought it over for them. We played some games but had to be home by 7:00 so it short. [For New Year’s Eve, the Filipinos] have so many fire works here it's crazy. haha And a lot of them are just really loud all the time. I don't think it was as crazy in Baguio as it was in the low lands because nothing is as crazy up here as in the low lands. :P But it was really fun. We couldn't sleep because of the noise but it was a lot of fun to see all the fire works out side.

Wednesday [New Year’s Day] Elder manning and I walked around all day and just got punted all day. No one had time or would talk to us. This was the second hardest day of the week. It was defiantly not a fun day to say the least but that's all. But we did have a fun night at the apartment cracking jokes and eating good food.

Thursday I worked with Elder Falivai and Elder Guiuo because elder Manning had to go to San Fernando for a training because he's a district leader. That day was pretty good but we worked in their area and that was one of the best days because I was able to tag along in their lessons.

Friday was the hardest day this week. We had a full day of work and I was the oldest missionary out of the three of us working. I had Elder Guiuo and Elder Gang with me and they are both in their first transfer so I had to lead out. We worked in my area. We had a member who was going to work with us but then he canceled last minute. Then I felt really bad because I took them all over my area to all or our investigators and they all punted us. We couldn't teach a single lesson. We managed to give a pamphlet away and that was the only good part of the day. I felt even worse when I found out it was Elder Gang’s Birthday... ugh. It was so hard but when I talked to him afterward he said he still learned a lot and that he wasn't annoyed but enjoyed the experience.

On Saturday the same kind of thing happened. It wasn't so bad though because we managed to set up some sure appointments for Sunday. I was very grateful for that. Elder Manning and I both agreed to fast on Sunday for our area and its needs that night.

Sunday was the turnaround point for me. We have 9:00 Church now so we can work more in the afternoon on Sundays now. Church was good and we got Brother Jeff to come and work with us which was nice. We also had an investigator, Sister Mary Jane, at church that day. We taught her later, and it was a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It was funny though because they offered us snacks but we were fasting so we couldn't have any. haha Later that night we taught another great lesson to Siblowa family. it was the first lesson we have had with them for a long time. It went really well I really hope they can progress. We also managed to see Sister Elizabeth again. She hasn't been to church for 2 weeks but she was out of town. We taught her and her sister a great lesson and set up a return appointment. Things are just picking up. I was so grateful that the Lord answered our prayers and our fast and helped us in our area.

This week was hard but to be honest I love it anyway. I have never been tried harder in my entire life but I'm growing from it. I know this Church is true. I've seen it change lives. I've watched it change mine. I love this gospel, and I love the challenges that are in front of me I just hope that I can be humble enough to allow the Lord to help me overcome them.

I'm ready to climb. Where's the mountain?

Elder Christensen

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