Monday, January 20, 2014


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Brian wearing the "Spirit Tie"
Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Everyone,

So to start I just want to say thank you to everyone who sent me a package this past Christmas. That would be Grandma and Grandpa Christensen, Dennis, and Bevan. Thank you to the Hockers as well :) Oh and I can't forget mom and dad. :) Also Happy Birthday Father!!! I'm not going to announce how old you are to the whole world but I will say you’re awesome. :)

Ok so down to the letter. :) This week has been crazy. On Monday we visited 3 families in 3 hours. Let’s just say we had to walk really really fast to make that work. But, it was a really cool experience. We committed one family to baptism and everything. :) Sib-aton was the family. It was a really spiritual experience to be able to do that.

On Tuesday we managed to make an awesome lesson with Benito who Elder Manning and I found very recently and he was so ready for the gospel. I loved that lesson. He is such a humble person. It's pretty awesome. The rest of the day we didn't get to teach anyone but that lesson was worth it. :) We were just walking by his house and weren't even planning on teaching him when he came out and asked us to come in. He lives in a small house, but he makes things work out.

On Wednesday we taught the Siblowa family. They were very fun to teach. They are very interested in the gospel as well. I wish I could still teach them but Elder Manning will do great.

Brian, Sister Elizabeth and Elder Manning
Thursday I spent most of the day packing and getting ready for transfers the next day. We taught Sister Elizabeth for the last time and got pictures with her, and we ate dinner with Brother Guy who is an American who lives in Baguio. It was a fun last day. I enjoyed it. [How is Sister Elizabeth doing? She is doing really well she came to church the last Sunday I was there so I think she will be alright.}

Friday was transfer day. The zone leaders came and picked us up at 4:50 am and we piled on a jeep and took off down to San Fernando. There we just hung out until we were told where we would go. I got assigned to... wait for it... :P Agoo zone in Dimortas Branch. [I'm in the low lands I'm literally at the bottom of the mission. :) From Michelle: Good bye cool weather. Hello heat and humidity!! :) True that and hello cold showers again. :P]

I love it here. The people are loving and kind and my new companion is cool. His name is Elder Gison (“He-son” is how it's pronounced.) We get along pretty well. At church on Sunday we sang the hymns in Tagalog. I was so excited for that. Also they do everything in Tagalog here. I really love that. My area is good but there are a ton of less actives here. I mean a ton, over 60 easy, and now it's our job to get them back to church. Well I'm excited for what is to come here.

I love you all. Keep up the hard work at home.

Mahal Kita
Elder Christensen

Other Comments:

Yay! For the spirit tie!! Tell us about what happened to allow you to put on the spirit tie.
Brian: Well this past week we taught a lot of really powerful lessons. I don't really have any one experience. It just felt like it was time to put it on. [The Spirit Tie was given to Brian by Adam who received it from William who received it from his Priest Quorum Advisor, Claude Snow. The instructions are that you cannot wear the Spirit Tie until you have truly felt like you taught with the Spirit.]

How is Tagalog coming? Ok, but I still need a lot of practice. It's all just the words and discipline now. Do you have to learn Ilocano? Not currently but once I get Tagalog down I can start working on Ilocano.

How are the cockroaches? Haha whenever we see one kill it with fire :P

Notes from Michelle:

According to Wikipedia, "Agoo is a first class municipality in the province of La Union, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 60,596 people." Here is a map of the Agoo in La Union Province. Once you look at the map, zoom out to see where Agoo is in relationship Baguio. I don't have more details about the area he is serving in. Perhaps next week.
Google Map of Agoo

Additional Pictures Brian Sent Home

Two members Brian worked with. He said, "They are supper cool."

Brother George Velano and Brian

Brother Jeff Sanchez

Group Baptism. Sister Elizabeth is Next to Brian

Group Baptism

Group Baptism

Group Baptism

Name with Green Glow Stick--Night before Brian Left Baguio

Name with Green Glow Stick

Name with Green Glow Stick

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