Monday, October 27, 2014

Cool Stuff Like Bridges and Spiders

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear everyone,

Brian at FHE
This past week has been pretty good. To start with Tuesday was kinda of a slow day but that's ok because we had exchanges on Wednesday. I went and worked with Elder Bacanowa. He's actually a batch mate of mine which is pretty cool. We worked in his area in Bawang and we walked forever. It's all good though because we had an FHE there and the food was awesome. :P All in all exchanges were pretty good.

Thursday was a little hard. Didn't get to teach very many lessons but I started a new hobby that night. haha We found 2 spiders while we were out and my companion knows how to take care of them and fight them. haha I's super fun. I know it sounds strange but the spiders here are super cool and not poisonous. But yeah that's was fun.

Brian on Suspension Bridge
Friday was another kinda hard day but we managed to get through it. Saturday was about the same but we went to Sili again and that's where the super cool suspension bridge is. It so huge haha. We had a ton of fun crossing it. Then we made the decision that we shouldn't work over there because it's too far away from the church and it's mainly farmers over there so they can't come to church every week. We have to focus our work on areas that people can get to church fairly easily.

Sunday was good. We had church and taught a few lesson but nothing super special happened.

Elder Cabase

Well that's my week. I hope you’re all doing fine. mahal kita!!!

Elder Christensen

Suspension Bridge

Elder Cabase at FHE

Brian's  and a Spider

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