Monday, October 20, 2014

Great Week

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Sonny and Brian
This past week has been a good week. haha We started working with Brother Pepito's son Sonny. He's super cool. He worked with us almost every day this week and we got a ton done. It's the first time in my mission I have ever taught so many lesson with a member present. haha It almost felt like we had another Elder with us. haha

Tuesday was not another palpak (fail) day. We taught some great lesson and we started teaching Sonny's girlfriend Charnie. She's super cool. She’s going to a school of IT in Baguio but spends a lot of time down here.

Wednesday Sonny started working with us and we got so much done. haha We just taught so many people with him there.

Thursday was almost exactly the same as Wednesday. Lots of lessons. Good times. Friday we had zone interviews with President Balledos. But that morning we went out and taught 3 lessons in about 2 hours. I'm not even sure how we did it but we did haha. The interview with President was pretty good. It was a little different because we had it in our apartment but it was good still.

Saturday was a little hard because Sonny couldn't work with us so we didn't teach as much but overall it was still a good day. Nothing special happened though.

Sunday was a little different because we didn't have enough young men to do the sacrament so I had to bless the bread but I forgot that it was in Tagalog and let me tell you it's a lot harder to do it in Tagalog... I didn't mess up though so we are all good. haha The rest of the day was pretty good we finally taught one of our long time potential investigators. His name is Mark and he's super cool. The whole time we were teaching him I was just blown away at how prepared he was for the gospel. He asks tons of awesome questions and really wants to know the truth. I'm super stoked to keep teaching him.

Well that's it for now. mahal na mahal kita!!!

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

*Did you see the movie Meet the Mormons? (Your cousin missionaries in the U.S. did.)

No we didn't. To be honest the only reason I know about it is because you told me about it. I think that's just for the States right now.

* In your last letter you talked about a new convert, Mark. When was he baptized? What are the lessons that you give him now?

He was baptized the Saturday before I got here. We actually started teaching his little brother so we are on lesson two. We are going to teach our purpose in this life tonight. They are super cool the only problem is both their parents are less active. We are trying super hard to get them to come back to church but their father works all week and he can't get Sunday off. We are still working with the mother.

* Have you had any experiences where you've seen the ward/branch leaders make a difference in the lives of one person?

Not specifically. No sorry. To be honest we don't have a lot of support from our branches here in my mission. That's one thing that we are all trying very hard to fix in the Philippines. It's just really hard. They all have jobs, families, and lives outside the church.

* How is your health?

I'm doing fine. I'm actually gaining weight here. haha. I did have a nasty head ache last night but that happens when I'm at home. So no worries here.

* How are things going with your new companion?

We are doing awesome. I love working with him. He's super funny. We sometimes stay up talking and then realize it's way past 10:30 But it's all good we are having a great time here.

* What are Brother Deliso's questions about the Gospel?

He more complains about how life isn't fair. He always asks why bad people always seem to be the most rich and don't have any punishments for being bad... He asks us why God lets that happens or why bad things happen to good people. It's really hard because he isn't praying or reading and I think that's his real problem. That and he doesn't have any money to go to church.

* How is Brother Pepito doing?

He's doing great. We are working with his son almost every day and he came to church yesterday. I'm super pumped for their family. They are doing great.

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