Monday, March 2, 2015

Exchanges and Work

Brian has a Goat
March 2, 2015

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been and interesting week. We started off with a family home evening at our less active’s house that was for his son's birthday. He turned 8 and we had a good time sharing it with him.

Tuesday was another good day for work. Nothing super crazy happened there. But sister Flory (our landlady) got sick and had to go to the hospital so we have been worried about here the past week. She's just been resting the past few days. She should be all right soon but we are a little worried about her.

Wednesday was a little bit different because we had exchanges with the zone leaders. I was working with Elder Harris in his area in Bauang. We had a really good time talking and teaching. We met an old American from Florida who was taught by the missionaries before. He had some interesting stories but he didn't want to listen again. All in all it was good time.

Thursday it was back to work in the area and we worked. We started teaching at new investigator this week that I really liked. It’s at the same less active’s house who had the birthday party. They brought his sister's brother to their house to stay for a while and he's super sweet. He has a birth defect so he is confined to a wheel chair and has not had an opportunity to get and education as much. He still super nice and understands what we teach. We just slow it down a little for him.

Brian Like the Cat's Eyes
Friday was pretty normal as well. Just taught some lessons and got some work done. Saturday was the same way. Sunday was a good day at church but it was probably the hardest day of the week for us as far was work goes. We just couldn't seem to get any good lessons in but it's all done and said so we move on and are happy. :)

That's if for now. Talk to you next week. :) Mahal kita.

Elder Christensen

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