Monday, June 22, 2015

Exchanges and Another Good Week

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been awesome. :) I haven't been able to work this hard my whole mission, and I'm loving it. We finally have a lot of support from the members and we are using it. :)

To start this past Monday we had a pretty normal day with some fun times running around but we got it all worked out and taught some good lessons. Some good investigators, Mari Cris and then Antonio.

Tuesday was awesome. We went on exchanges with one of our district leaders and the point was to show him how to make an area awesome. It was pretty awesome. :P haha We taught 8 lessons and made tons of new friends. Some of whom I have very high hopes for. We taught this apartment with 4 women and their live-in partners. They are in such a hard situation with very little knowledge about who they are or what they need to do in this life. They are so ready to receive it though and I'm super excited for them.. :)

Wednesday was interesting because we went on exchanges with the AP's. I went to San Fernando with Elder Basco and it was sooooo hot. I heard the weather in Utah is supposed to get to 100 this week. Forgive me when I say I have no sympathy for you. It was about 40 degrees celsius in San Fernando. I felt like I went to war. haha It rained hard as well but it only made the heat dissipate a little. We still did our goals as well and taught 10 lessons and talked to 34 new people about the gospel. :) Good stuff.

Thursday Elder Bayot and I finally saw each other again in San Fernando and took a bus back to La Trinidad. It took extra long though because they were doing construction on the road. But we still managed to get to work that afternoon. We got some good work done but we were both so tired after that.

Friday was another good day of running from one house to another because we don't have enough time to teach everyone on our list haha. It's funny to see two missionaries with their fellowshipper almost literally running from one house to another but that's what we did. :P

Saturday was a little slower because we got punted a lot but we kept going. It was a pretty good day. But all in all not a bad day.

Sunday was interesting because Elder Bayot and I both gave talks. I talked about conversion and the role that each member needs to play in order for a new convert to stay a convert. Because if it is just the missionaries with the investigator when the missionary leaves so does the convert some times. It went well. But the other nice thing was the new investigators that we taught on Tuesday, the ones I talked about earlier, went to church. I was super happy. :) haha All in all it was just a good week this week.

Mahal kita!!

Elder Christensen

An Excerpt from His Letter to President Balledos

As for my studies this past week I did a little bit on conversion. I really found it interesting that to be converted is to become a new creature. We can have a testimony of Christ and still not be converted. Just like Peter in the New Testament was not converted until the day of Pentecost when the gift of the Holy Ghost was given. As a missionary our task is to help others come unto Christ but I feel that we need to become new creatures ourselves in order to bear a testimony with conviction. We need to not only believe in Christ but be so sure that he is the Christ that it becomes part of who we are. When we become as Peter we will watch the response of our investigators change because they will respond to the spirit and not our words.

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