Monday, June 23, 2014

Let It Rain!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Everyone,

So for starters this past week has been the wettest week ever. But it's pretty sweet. So officially rainy season started a little while ago but it's really working now. The only sad part is that I just lost my umbrella :( but it's all good because it didn't do much anyway because the rain comes at you diagonally not downward. so you get wet no matter what you do. :P . Haha It's all good though because it's warm rain so it's not cold. It's just wet and people still let us teach them even if we are wet head to toe. :P

So on Tuesday after District meeting we had a great day teaching. We taught The Raras family again and they committed to live the word of wisdom. We were so excited. We are getting ready to give them a baptismal date right now. Probably tomorrow. :)

Wednesday we had exchanges with some of the Elders in my district that were struggling a little bit. Come to find out they weren't planning and that's why they weren't getting anything done. So lesson plan out your days if you want to get anything out of them. :) I think that applies to you all at home as well. ;) It was super fun working with Elder Tabucol though. It rained supper hard on us and we were wet from head to toe but people still let us into their houses even though we left puddles in the corner. :) It was super sweet. We also taught this really cool less active who won't come back to church because he doesn't feel like it's time. We shared Alma 34:35 about not procrastinating repentance. The spirit was super strong. I just hope that he acts now and comes back.

Thursday nothing specific happened. We did teach this one guy who isn't taller than me but he does have bigger hands than I do and that was a surprise. Haha. We started teaching him. His name is Edwin.

Friday we got punted by all our investigators but we did teach some good less active lessons. But nothing super special happened.

Saturday was hard. We just couldn't seem to teach anyone all day long. They were all either busy or not home. It was supper sad.

Sunday was better in the beginning but got harder toward the end. After Church we went home had lunch and went to work. Not enough time in a day. Our first two lessons were awesome. We taught a new investigator and he didn't want to talk to us when we started but by the end he wanted us to come back and share some more. It was awesome. The bad part was when we went back to Raras family, Rolly was their but Edmond was drunk. :( He wasn't the happy drunk either he was being pretty rude to his wife. He left though so we still taught. It was just a really somber lesson. We are going to have a man to man with Edmond next time we see him though when he's sober.

Later that day we couldn't teach because we got punted some more. Also when we went to another one of our less actives he was also drunk... He was so drunk. But it was a little funny because he was the happy kind meaning he just staggers around and says random things that don't make sense. Also at the time we had about 20 (not exaggerating on the number) kids climbing on us and wanting high fives. It was supper funny. Just sad that he was drunk. :-/

For Studies this past week I have been reading Moroni 10. I love to reread Moroni's promise sometimes and just did it again. I feel that it helps me keep a fresh testimony of the Book of Mormon. I also love how he talks about the spirit of god being the same today and tomorrow, and forever. We cannot change God. We can only "Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness;" God will not change but we must in order to become "perfected in (Christ)" Moroni 10: 7; 32. He also states in verse 21 that we must have faith, hope and charity or we cannot enter into the kingdom of God. I think as a missionary we cannot save others unless we hold these same traits. I hope I can help my investigators see this. So they too can deny themselves of all ungodliness.

Wow this was a long letter. Well I love you all. Hope you are all doing well and are safe. Mahal kita!!!!

Elder Christensen

Questions from Separate Emails:

* How is Ilocano coming?
... I can tell when it's Ilocano and not Tagalog but that’s about it. My Tagalog is pretty good now but Ilocano it still crazy hard.

* What was one of your favorite teaching lessons this week?
Well we taught this one new investigator this week and when we started the lesson he told us that he was born a Catholic and he is going to die one. We said ok and kept teaching. It was just funny because by the end of the lesson he learned a lot from us and invited us back any time we wanted daw... (daw basically just means that's what he/she said... I'll be saying that a lot when I get home so you can know what it means haha.) It was just fun to see how he changed so fast when he felt the spirit.

* What do you like about your new area?
Everything, it's just a lot of fun. It's just super far from where we live but I kinda like that to. The people here are a little nicer I think than my last area and Elder Alonzo is pretty chill. I don't know. I just like it up here, even though I'm getting drenched every just about every other day because it's raining so hard haha.

* Do you hear about the World Cup Soccer tournament?
Not really. Why? What's going on with it? now I'm curious...

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