Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Today is my 11 month mark and I can't help but think it's moving too fast. But it’s all good because I still have another year to make things count. :) Anyway this past week has been good. I went exchanges 2 times because we had to. It was great fun.

So Tuesday I went on exchanges with the Elders who live in our apartment. It was fun. We had a lot of people to teach and not a lot of time. We spent most of the day almost literally running from one appointment to another. haha We got it all done though and Elder Cook said he learned a lot so it was a good day.

Wednesday I went on exchanges again with Elder Torronas. I learned that his area is a very hard one. While we were out we asked if we could get to know someone a little bit and they told us to go away. For a Filipino that's almost unheard of. I was a little taken back. And then all the appointments we had ran away from us or we couldn't teach because we didn't have a fellowshipper with us. It was a hard but at the end of it I managed to help Elder focus on his planning. We think that will help a lot in his area. sana. :)

Thursday we taught some good lessons but nothing really special happened. It was just a normal day.

Friday was interesting because we only managed to teach less actives the whole day. We thought that was kinda funny. But then the next day we only taught Investigators so I guess it works out. haha. Saturday we also found a new family, the Baldez Family. They were super interested and asked us how they could join the church. It was super cool. They didn't end up making it to church. :( But we only just met them so they should in the future. :D I'm supper excited for them.

Sunday was a great day, too. We have some people getting ready to be baptized and they committed to August 2nd. We are supper excited for them. I'm sorry I can't really say any more I'm out of time. So until next time. I love you all.

For studies this past week I have been reading some of the conference talks from this last conference. I really like the one by Elder Holland about being a disciple of Christ. He talked about how we all face adversity being disciples of Christ but it is all worth it because he is with us. We are truly bringing about his work and it is worth the pain. It's worth the torment of others.

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

*Can you tell us a little more about the Raras family?
So it's a little tricky because it's actually three family things... We have Rolly and his wife Charol. I forgot their last name but they are progressing very well. We have Edmon and his wife Jackalyn. They have three kids, Princess, M.J., and Angel. They are all super cute. Sister Raras is Jackalyn’s mother. We teach at her house but she usually leaves when we show up... It's all good though. maybe she'll come around in the future.

* Tell us about one of your great teaching experiences from this past week.
Well, last night we taught a lesson to Brother Rolly and Jackalyn. (Edmon wasn't really listening) but it was super hectic when we started. I was a little worried about inviting the spirit into the lesson but then right at the end after we talked about our purpose here on earth everything just got quiet. I invited them to fulfill their purpose in this life and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on Aug. 2. The spirit was super strong and they both said they would. Rolly's wife wasn't their but he said that she would to but we are going to extend to here tomorrow night. :) I'm supper excited.

* Describe an experience when you felt the Savior's love in your life.
I had a hard time the other night because I feel a little alone sometimes…. I mean I just feel like I have to be the example all the time [as the] district leader. Anyway I prayed about it and I just felt calm again. I feel like even if I have to be the example I can be because that's what the Lord needs from me now and maybe for the rest of my life. I always think of the song "I'll go where you want me to go" and I just know I will do exactly what it says.

* What is your apartment like?
To be honest it's really nice... for the Philippines. haha Its more of a small house. 3 bedrooms a living room and a kitchen. It's got an upstairs too, but we aren't allowed to go up there. But all in all I love it.

* How many Elders are in your apartment? 
There are 4 of us. Elder Coltin Karch, and Elder Andrew Cook. Elder Karch is from Canada and Elder Cook stayed in Bountiful a year before he came out with is Grandparents so that's kinda where he claims to be from haha. They are both pretty cool. I like them.

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