Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'M AN UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and transfers

June 2, 2014

Dear Everyone,

I'm an Uncle!!!!!! I've never been an Uncle before. :P haha Congradulation to my brother and his wife, William and Stephanie Christensen. I am so excited for you! :) :D :P O.o :)  B)  In case you didn't get that I'm excited. :) :) I'm super excited. Oh and one other side note is that I am no longer sick. 100% better. :) I feel great now. No problems at all. :) Super excited too for this new area.

Alfredo, Brian, Elder Arzadon, and Friends
 All right so I guess I better write my letter now. So this past week was pretty crazy for me. I got transferred. We had a crazy awesome meeting and I have a new companion who is pretty cool. So to start the week on Monday I was still in Agoo and still didn't feel super awesome but we went out and taught a lesson to Alfredo and his group and it was pretty awesome.

Tuesday we were able to work again because I was feeling a lot better. I said some goodbyes because President Balledos called and told me that I would be transferred the next day. But all in all we had a good time.
Alfredo's Family and Friends

Wednesday we made on last visit to Ramulo and had a great time. He is so funny. I loved working with him. Then the AP's came and picked me up and we drove all the way to my new area in Candon Zone. In other words, I'm on the upper half of the mission now and that means Ilocano but I told you about that last week. Any way funny thing about that was I didn't actually stay in my area that night we just dropped off my stuff and went back to San Fernando because we had a District Leader Conference the next day. It was super fun to just hang out with Elder Tanner again because he's one of the AP's.
Alfredo's Family and Friends

Thursday we had a meeting with President Balledos and it was super cool. I love learning from him. He always has great advice for me. We just learn so much. After the meeting we went back to my area and I stayed the night in my area for the first time. haha It's only funny because it took me almost a full week after transfers to do that.

Friday and Saturday, Elder Alanzo and I just worked in our area. It's super cool here. I'm trying to learn Ilocano because my Tagalog is pretty good now. It's super hard because it's another vocabulary but I think it will come with time. :) Elder Alanzo is pretty cool. He's pretty laid back and I like that he also wants to work hard in this area so I think we will get along just fine. :)

Sunday was interesting. It's the first time I had church in a meeting house not a chapel. So, they made someone's house into a meeting house. It's suer cool but there's like no room for all the people we have meeting there. haha We are working on getting another one in our area because we are a little ways away from them, like a 30 min drive. But it's all good. I'm super excited to make some things happen here. :)

I am so grateful for the blessing of the Lord in my life. I know that he is truly my guide out here on the mission. I have never felt so much love for other people than I do right now. I know this is true and even if it's not I wouldn't want to live any other way because I'm the happiest I have ever been.

So for my studies this past week I have been reading from the book of Mormon some more and PMG. I studied the 1st chapter a little bit about our calling as a missionary. I really like how it states that we have been set apart from the world, literally meaning we need to act and think like Christ so that we can have the power and Authority of our calling. When we are worthy of our calling the Lord has promised that we will have the spirit and when we have the spirit we can teach people more effectively and bring them unto Christ. That is our whole purpose and it all starts from our personal commitment to be worthy of our calling. I thought that was pretty awesome. I'm going to strive to be more worthy of the authority that can come with my calling.

Mahal Kita!!!

Elder Christensen

Questions from Separate Email

* Where are you in your new area? I'm in Candon Zone. Santa Cruz is the area and we work right around the brgy Dili. I hope that helps :)

* Where is your new companion from? He's from New Jersey, but he's another Filipino American. He isn't as good at Tagalog as Elder Arzadon, but he's still pretty cool. His name is Elder Alanzo.

* What do you like about your new companion? He's just super chill about everything and willing to work with me on just about everything I want to do. We are super open with each other so I think we will be all right together. I'm starting to find that I can get along with just about anyone. The secret is to just love them no matter what they do or say and they will start to return the feeling and you just get along.

* How long has he been out? I think he is 2 transfers behind me so I am the senior companion right now but it's all good.

* Will you still get to ride a bike? No we don't and our area is super far away and we take vans everywhere. It's a little different but it works about like the Jeep's did in Baguio.

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