Monday, April 13, 2015

Exchanges and Some More Exchanges

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dear Everyone,

This past week has been a good one. It started good last Monday with some great lessons and a clean apartment. :P When I first got to this apartment it was a mess and a half. I mean gross. But I finally got everything clean and organized so I felt comfortable cooking there. It's been good to cook again. :)

Tuesday we had my first zone training. It was really good. I gave a workshop about the spirit and how it applies to missionary work. I felt the spirit pretty strong and after my workshop we had a short testimony meeting. It was good. After that we went straight to Baguio because we were going on exchanges with the AP's. Elder Harris ended up working with me and Elder Pandi in our area and Elder Basco went with the Zone Leaders in Baguio. It was a good time and it was interesting riding in the front seat of a car again. But nothing super crazy happened.

Wednesday we went on another exchange. This time I was with Elder Cook. We had an interesting day. We did a lot of walking because we got punted a lot but it was ok because Elder Cook likes to talk. :P We also found this really cool new investigator named Dondon. He just really seems ready to receive the gospel and I have enjoyed teaching him so far.

Thursday was a good day as well. We taught Brother Ador again. He was saying that his family was telling him to stop listening to us but he still wants to listen. It was a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and he loved hearing that the fall of Adam and Eve was a blessing and not a curse. He is so cool I just hope he can hold on even with the opposition he is facing right now.

Friday was another really good day. We just got lesson after lesson rolling. Nothing super crazy or interesting happened it was just a good day.

Saturday was awesome because I got to watch conference. :D it was awesome. I learned a lot and loved all the talks. I really liked Elder Holland's talk about the boys on the ledge and how the Savior is always there to catch us when our fingers are slipping through the sand. Oh, but something crazy happened while I was at the stake center in Baguio. I saw sister Elizabeth there. The lady I baptized while I was in Loakan was there!! I was so stoked to see her there. :D :D :D :):) ;) :O :D :P :D :D :D :DDDDD Just thought I would say that.

Sunday was good to. Lots of things learned from Conference. I also saw some more old friends from my first area and it was awesome. But that's about all that happened.

mahal kita!!

Elder Christensen

Great Perspective from Separate Emails:

My Email: [You'll love Brian's response to an email I wrote telling him about the water main that broke in our housing leaving us without water for four days. This was part of my email to him.]

Talk about making you feel grateful for things you normally take for granted! We’ve had bottled water to drink. We use our storage water in the 2-liter bottles for hand washing and sponge bathing. We filled buckets full of water from Barnett’s house that we use to flush the toilets with. Yes, I’ll certainly be glad to get it fixed.

Brian's Response:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...  I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh so hard but to be honest losing water for a few days is normal here. and flushing the toilet with a bucket is an every day thing. we consider ourselves blessed when we have a flushing toilet here. :P as for drinking water I think you already know how that works here. :P I'm just saying it just sounds like another day in the Philippines except it's hotter here. :P I just found that really funny is all. we also do our laundry here by hand if you want to try that. :P you've almost tried everything else. :D

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