Monday, April 6, 2015

MLC and Holy Week

Monday, April 06, 2015

Dear Everyone,

This past week was pretty good. To start last Monday night we got some news that Elder Petingale was going home the next day. We were a little surprised because it was so short notice but we knew he would be going home sometime that week. The only effect it had on us is that now Elder Pandi and I are the only ones in the apartment. It’s interesting but I think we will be fine. Later that night we went to Baguio and got on a bus going to San Fernando because we had MLC the next day. It was super cool because when we got there I met up with a lot of old friends. It was a way nice night.

Tuesday was MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference). It was very long but it was nice as well. We had some good workshops and discussed current mission rules and ways to improve the mission. Over all it was a good experience. The interesting thing about it was that we had to wait for a bus home and it took a long time. We were done by about 4:30 but were not able to get a bus until about 7:00. The funny thing about the bus ride up is there weren't enough seats so I ended up standing the whole ride up to Baguio. :P haha it was fun though.

Wednesday was back to work. It was a harder week for us because of Holy Week and a lot of people went out of town. We still did alright though. But nothing super exciting happened.

Thursday was another pretty normal day for us. Really nothing special to report.

Friday was about the same as Thursday to be honest. We just worked. A lot of people were out and about but not a lot to teach.

Saturday was interesting because we had to go do a baptismal interview for one of our District Leaders. It took a really long time because we had a question for President Balledos but he was in a meeting. So we had to wait for about an hour for him to get back to us. We got it all worked out and the baptism will continue, so it's all good.

Sunday was interesting. The first thing that was interesting of the day was when a police man waved us over to talk with us. I thought we were in trouble or something but he just wanted to listen to our message. So we sat down in the guard station and taught him about the Book of Mormon because they had one in there for some reason. Later that day it started to rain pretty hard so we had to find some shelter under a shed. haha But funny thing was we started teaching the people that were waiting under the shed with us. But as soon as we finished, the rain stopped. :) It was pretty good. But that was about it.

Well that's all for now. Mahal kita!

Elder Christensen

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