Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flight Plans!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dear Everyone,

This week has been awesome. We got flight plans yesterday, so now we know exactly where and when I'm going to go to the Philippines. It's really exciting to get flight plans because then everything becomes real and you just want to get on that plane and go. Aahhhhhhhh!! I'm soooooooo excited. :) In case you didn't notice. :P So I leave the MTC on Monday Sep. 9 at around 2:00 pm. But that's kinda sad because the rest of my district and the other district in our zone is leaving at 7:30 am that same day... I think that's because I'm the only one going to Baguio. Oh well it’s still exciting!!!! :)

Any way here are the details.

* I leave Salt Lake at 6:10 PM on Sep 9 it get to LAX at 7:05 pm.
* I leave LAX at 11:55 PM Sep 9 and get to Hong Kong at 5:45AM Sep 11
* I leave Hong Kong at 7:50 AM Sep 11 and get to Manila at 9:50 AM Sep 11.

I'll call you from LAX. That would be the best. :)

I plan to send home my suit because that's what my mission president wants me to do and some other things just through the mail. And yes, I can take two 50-pound suitcases and on 15 pound carry on.

Ok so at the beginning of this week we lost a district. It was hard to watch them go because we all got very close to them before they left. That lasted for about a day, but then we started getting used to it. And just when things started to get normal again, we got two new districts in our zone. They are all pretty fun. They look excited to get to work and make the best of their stay here at the MTC.

Brian and Elder Cole

Brian and Elder Cole

Brian and Elder Anderson, He left on August 28, 2013

Brian and Elder Watson. He left on August 28, 2013
I don't do a ton as a zone leader. I like it a lot though because you get to show the new missionary's around the MTC and answer a lot of their questions. Other than that all I have to do is lead by example because that's the only way to lead in the mission field. It's pretty exciting though. :)

[Michelle asked: Does that mean that you are one of those who get to stand outside on Wednesday and wave a greeting to the new missionaries as they drive in and help them with their luggage?]

Elder Arrington, Brian, Sister Brown, Sister Hurst
The Training Sisters

Sisters Warr and Barney, Elder Arrington, Brian
No but I will get to do that this Wednesday. :) It will be awesome. :)

We have had a strange experience with MTC investigators because our teacher had to go on a trip. So, we had like 4 subs, and all of them played a different investigator. So we had to teach a lot of different people with different needs. It's been really cool, though. We got sister Sharp’s investigator (Joy) to commit to Baptism. We are also planning on getting brother Kaka's investigator to commit tomorrow.

This week has also been hard because I haven't been able to sleep at night... I don't know why I just haven't... but I think we have it under control now. I slept pretty good last night.

[Michelle asked: Have you thought of getting a priesthood blessing to help you sleep? Sam Clark was having problems sleeping, too, and he received a blessing. It really helped him.] Yeah, if it gets any worse that's the plan. :)

Yes!!!!!! [Brian got the package we sent]. I loved it! It was soooo nice to have some homemade strawberry jam. I haven't had that in forever. :P I haven't gotten into the applesauce [homemade with candy red hots]. But I'm very excited for it. :)

Anyway there's a really funny story about today. So, we were going to get breakfast and my kasama dropped his OJ, and it exploded all over me. Not anyone else just me. Haha it was pretty funny.
Brian and Elder Giblet

Thank you for all that you do. I am soooo grateful for all the hard work you do at home for me. Well I have used up my hour to be on the computer.

Mahal ko Kayo!!!!!!

Elder Christensen.

News from a Separate Email Conversation

Michelle: Fun news update:  Sam Clark received his assignment to wait out his visa. He is going to Scotsdale, AZ. He leaves Monday morning. Now for the fun part... That is the same mission that your cousin Linda Hogenson is going to, and she leaves Monday morning, too. Small world.

I talked to Aunt Sharon yesterday, and she told me that you saw Linda. :) Linda told her that she felt a little awkward. (She's really shy). But, even if it didn't seem like it, she was really excited to see you. She's been rather homesick in the MTC, and you were a taste of home.

Brian: That's nice to hear. I did see her the other day, and it was nice talking to her. She said she didn't expect to see me here at the MTC but that’s ok. :)

Mahal Keta!!!!!!

Elder Christensen

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