Monday, March 24, 2014

Exchanges and Investigators at Church :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

This week has been pretty good I have enjoyed just about all of it. There were some pretty crazy parts, but it's all good.

Starting with Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Sison Elders. Elder Espinosa and Elder Patterson. They are pretty funny. I was with Elder Espinosa. It was pretty good but we didn't get to work very much in their area because I had a meeting with the Zone Leaders after district meeting. But we still had a good time. We taught a lesson to some of their investigators and then the power went out. haha It was a pretty normal night for the Philippines but it was still funny because we couldn't teach in the dark.

Wednesday We had a pretty good day as well. We taught three lessons to our less actives and met some new people in Amlang which is pretty far out but they seem interested. I'm excited to teach them and see what happens. :) We taught a less active that night and my bag broke on the way there but it was really cool because he is a sewer, and we sewed it up right on the spot. haha. It was really good timing.

Thursday we taught the Jaravada family again and committed them to church. There are five kids in the family and their mother was a member when she was a teenager so she is very open to us teaching her family. Their oldest is a 19 year old girl then her 16 year old sister. They have a 14 year old brother but he doesn't listen to the lessons. They also have an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. They are a really fun family and I love teaching them. They have tons of great questions.

Friday we went to Bail and Fernando and couldn't teach a single lesson because no one was home or listening to us. It was a pretty hard day. We walked from Bail out of Fernando which if I had to guess is about 6 miles. Maybe more maybe less I'm not sure. It was still a good day though. We learned a lot about being humble.

Saturday was crazy. We had to go to Agoo because I had to do another baptismal interview and after that we had to go to a wedding. Yes a wedding. The other Elders in our branch got one of their investigators married so that they can baptize her in the next couple of weeks. It was a sweet service with very few people there. It was still a really nice day. We just didn't get any teaching done because it took all day. We had to clean up afterward as well. But it was pretty nice.

Sunday was awesome. We were almost late to church but we managed to make it and we were worried because our investigators weren't there yet. Since I got to the area I haven't had a single investigator come to church. As you can imagine I was pretty excited when I saw them walk into the church a little late but there. We only had the mom and the dad with Shayra their 16 year old. But we have a return appointment tonight. :) Another surprise was when President Balledos showed up and gave a talk in sacrament meeting. It's always a little scary when your mission president randomly shows up in your area. haha Yet another surprise was when Elder Arzadon’s aunt showed up right in the middle of sacrament meeting and we had to go talk to her. They had a short talk and she gave him a ton of food, but it was ok. He isn't too shaken up. :P

Well that's all for this week. mahal na mahal kita. palagi talaga.

Elder Christensen

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