Monday, March 17, 2014

Quad Zone Training and a Birthay

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dear Everyone,

Well to start, I am no longer a teenager. I can't say that any more. haha But it's all good. To be honest my birth day came and went and I don't feel any different. :P  I am on a mission still and I am feeling the need to work harder than I ever have.

So on Monday we went to Baguio for our P day and that was pretty fun. I enjoyed it, but we were really rushed because the bus rides really took a lot of our time. It was a good day though.

Tuesday we had a zone training. The zone leaders weren't there so the district leaders had to run it. That means me. :O But it was still a really good training. I gave one and the other two district leaders gave one as well. I hope it went well. It's kinda hard to tell if you did a good job because I mean no one smiles or anything they just listen and it was either was good or it wasn't. You just don't know.

Wednesday was one of the best days this week. We taught one of our investigators the restoration. But he couldn't come to church because he went to Baguio for two weeks. It should be all right when he comes back to teach him. His name is Archey. We had some other good lessons the rest of that day too, but they really aren't progressing sadly.

Thursday was my birthday. :) I turned 20 years old, and we went to Baguio for a quad zone conference with Elder Ardern and President Balledos. It was a really cool training. I loved seeing all the other missionaries. But that's really all we did on my birthday. We got home and went out to work for a little but got punted a lot. It was still a good birth day though. :)

Friday was a little hard. We went to look for a referral but then I couldn't find the paper with her name on it so we could find her... :( We managed to teach some of the other lessons for that week but none of them came to church either. We have been having a very hard time with that in this area. We have really good lessons but no one wants to come to church.

Saturday was we just got punted all day long. We taught one lesson because it was a Family Home Evening with them which was really fun, but the rest of the day we couldn't get anything done. Sunday was exactly the same way. We just didn't get anything done. It's been a bit of a hard week but the conference was really cool.

Well that's all for this week I love you all and hope you are all doing well. Mahal Kita.

Elder Christensen

Questions from a Separate Email

* Tell us about how you've been able to implement some of the trainings you received from the week before?
Well this week I had to give a zone training and that went pretty well. I had to use everything I learned from the week before in that training so I think that went well. But the main thing we have been implementing is setting goals before we plan a day and then trying the whole day to meet those goals. It’s pretty hard but I think it will all work for our benefit.

* How is the work going with the members?
To be honest, it's not. We have had a really hard time getting any members to work with us. This past week we only got one to work with us for an hour. We have been trying pretty hard but sometimes we just don't get anything out of it. sayang.

* Funny experience?
Well we had a FHE with the Nabor family again and we played a game at the end called the fruit game. To play you pick a fruit and you have to say your fruit two times and then you say the persons fruit that you want to pas "it" to. Then they say theirs two time and so on. The funny thing is when you say it you can't show your teeth so it's pretty funny. :P

* Spiritual experience?
We had a really spiritual lesson with one our less active members. His daughter is the Relief Society President in the branch, but he doesn't come to church. We did have a really good lesson with him. It was all about the sacrament and why it is so important to take every single week. The only sad part is after we committed him to come to church he still didn't come. So next week we are going to pick him up. :P

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